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Specialty Matting

Protecting your Facility and your Workplace with Premier Scraper, Entrance and Anti-Fatigue Matting

  • facility hygiene matting

    Anti-Microbial Protected Matting

    Anti-Microbial FHM (Facility Hygiene Matting) Technology
    The built in revolutionary, EPA Registered Technology incorporated into FHM reduces and helps pr

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  • Premier_ScaperLogo small email

    Premier Scraper Matting

    The Protex Premier Scraper is the first line of defense for your facility. Our extremely dense, vinyl loop outdoor matting catches and traps dirt and moisture before it can get into your building. The a

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    Premier Safety Matting

    Safety Matting
    Safety and Comfort go hand in hand in a productive work environment. Protex Premier Safety Matting was designed to deliver just that. They

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  • premier anti-fatigue matting

    Premier Anti-Fatigue Matting

    In conditions where lengthy periods of standing exist, worker discomfort and fatigue can impact productivity, absenteeism and health care costs negatively and needlessly. Protex Industries has acomplete

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