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Protex Custom Logos

Logos are a great way to show school spirit, market a brand, or add an attractive design element to a flooring product. At Protex Industries, we pride ourselves on the unique ability to place high quality logos on virtually every product we produce. Protex utilizes the following methods to reproduce your  logo on our products:


Custom Inlaid Logos- Mats, Runners, Courtside Runners

The process of cutting and hand inlaying the matting to produce a long lasting and durable logo. Products: Premier Entrance Matting, Runners, Locker Room Mats, Courtside Runners

Flocking- Gym Floor Eco Roll, Eco Tile and Courtside Runners

The process of embedding colorfast nylon fibers into high tech adhesives on the surface of the flooring products. Products Flocked: GymPro Eco Roll, GymPro Eco Tile, GymPro Courtside Runner

Screen Printing- Facility Hygiene Matting

The process of forcing ink through a prepared screen so as to create a picture or pattern. Products Screen Printed: Facility Hygiene Matting

How Our Process Works

A written purchase order and signed artwork will be required. Please allow approximately 3-4 weeks for fabrication, pending credit release. For your convenience a user-friendly Mat Quote form has been provided. It will assist you in providing all the necessary information needed to quote the mat.


Color Proofing and Project Estimates

Color proofs and quotes normally take 1 – 2 business days depending on the type of art file we receive. We highly recommend that vector art file be sent for quickest turn around. Vector images are used in most aspects of graphic design and are the preferred format for printing. If the logo has been previously printed on anything- a business card, stationery, t-shirt, etc. – then a vector image should be available. If a vector image is not received, then we will attempt to ‘trace’ the logo. This is often a labor-intensive process depending on the intricacy of the logo and thereby lengthens the turnaround time for your proof and quote request. If a vector file is not obtainable, please send the art in one of these preferred formats – .eps or .ai. If the logo is registered or trademarked, a vector art file is required.